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By: Ranilo Abando  (Manila, November 6, 2022)     ****

The hidden ancient knowledge that I have outlined in my previous posts are consistent with the many discoveries in science which deals with the rules governing our virtual physical reality.  However, the more important aspect of studying this hidden knowledge is learning to develop the capability to see ordinary things or common knowledge with new eyes, meaning acquiring the mental flexibility to quickly shift your mind to different and/or higher perspectives.  Acquiring this mental skill will develop one’s ability to deeply understand the nature of various realities, and avoid becoming easily trapped by their illusions in this world or beyond.  Developing this skill may not be easy, but as they say, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  Some ads tell us – Just Do It… and Keep Walking.

The Birth of the Physical Universe

If our perspective is within this virtual physical reality, it would be very reasonable to agree with what science is telling us – that this physical universe came into being as a result of a Big Bang that started around 13.7 billion years ago.  Since then, the physical universe has been expanding very fast, and the expansion has been observed to be accelerating.  One big issue about this widely-accepted theory is how something can be produced from nothing. The latter assumption of this scientific theory clearly violates the existential principles of balance.  It is therefore philosophically difficult to accept that something as highly ordered and complex as our physical universe was essentially produced from nothing.  Keeping in mind our chosen perspective which is inside this virtual physical reality, the ancients had an enigmatic but very smart answer to resolve that issue.  In the Gospel of John of the Christian bible (John 1.1), it is stated:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

Before you dismiss outright the words above as mere religious rhetoric, I would like to remind the readers that in my previous posts, I have been advising everyone not to take literally the ancient texts, as those were mostly written in metaphorical language.  We need to decode first the allegorical or metaphorical form of the texts and abstract the essential hidden message. This is like separating the grains from the chaff.  Interconnecting the abstracted message such as in this verse with your abstracts from other texts will help a lot in the decoding process. So, a good memory helps.  Using also the glimpses from the normally intermittent activity of your higher mind will greatly deepen your thinking power, no matter how momentary those inspiring flashes of genius are.  The following is my decoded translation of the above verse from the Gospel of John:

“Even before the coming into being of physical space and physical time, there exist already the Information that is needed to produce the virtual manifestation of this physical universe, and that Information was retrieved from the Parent Mind, and even the seat of consciousness and mind of the Parent are composed of Information.”

The technical term “information” is invented by the modern human.  During ancient times, the term “word” was used instead to denote the equivalent meaning of that modern technical term. Words are essentially a kind of information.  I have introduced the concept of a Parent mind in my post immediately prior to the present one. 

Please note also that there exists absolute time already even before the coming into being of physical time.  Although both these kinds of time arise from ordered changes (changes that are governed by rules), they have radically different properties and behaviour, and the set of rules that govern them are different from each other.  The rules that govern physical time are the laws of physics which are rules unique for the particular virtual reality which is the physical world we live in now.  For example, physical time is affected by the high chaos matter composition of the lower mind, and therefore subject to the Second Law of Thermodynamics (things tend to go toward a state of greater disorder over time).  This causes physical time to have a one-directional arrow that cannot be reversed.  The lower mind is not the one that manifests absolute time, so the latter does not have that fixed uni-directionality.

Big Bang

Another question is:  Where does the physical universe expand into?  Remember that there was no pre-existing physical space which the physical universe can expand into.  The answer to that is:  Because the vastness of the physical universe is virtual only and therefore illusory, the Big Bang expansion is happening only inside the confines of the lower mind of a human being, with mental stuff as the medium of manifestation for every physical thing in that universe.  This is hard to imagine if one is a conditioned physicalist.  But if one deeply understands the concept of virtual reality, these radically wild concepts eventually become clearer and make sense.


Putting our perspective (or point of view) inside physical reality, this virtual physical universe was born around 13.7 billion years ago when, using information being streamed into it by the Parent Mind, the builder aspect of the lower minds of conscious beings started displaying the virtual expansion of the universe using mental stuff as medium of manifestation of everything in that universe. But wait, there was still no seat of consciousness yet inside the lower mind of any being at that time, nor was there any proper living physical body yet to observe the birth of that virtual universe!

That is exactly what I have been writing in my earlier posts.  There was no actual physical birth of this universe from a Big Bang, as there were still no lower-mind virtual creatures to observe it at that time.  It would have been a total waste of mind computing power to actually manifest such virtual birth of the physical universe. That birth of the physical universe exists only in our thinking minds – we who understand astronomy, cosmology, and astrophysics.  We mentally build this concept of the birth of the physical universe from our astronomical observations and mathematical computations, which are indeed very reasonable. We merely simulated the information that was inside the Parent Mind related to the supposed origin of this virtual universe. 

So, by elevating our perspective to outside of physical reality, we will be able to realize that it is not necessary for the Parent Mind to actually start a Big Bang out there 13.7 billion years ago, as there was no out there anyway, nor was it necessary to stream that formless information to the lower minds of creatures, as there was not a single living physical creature yet 13.7 billion years ago.  The Parent Mind only needed to stream to us during our modern times all the information that contain the simulation of an expanding universe that is supposed to result if ever there was an actual Big Bang that happened. That mind is powerful enough to accomplish that simulation without the need to make the Big Bang actually happen.  It is like the origin of the virtual modern city where the virtual reality video game Grand Theft Auto is happening.  In our thinking minds, we can imagine how the carpenters, masons, civil engineers, and workers built that city.  But of course, that city construction did not happen in the VR video game.  We can only do that kind of backtracking inside our thinking minds.

Dino fossil

Were there actual living dinosaurs on earth around 70 million years ago?  Well, that is actually a misleading question.  The rephrased and more accurate form of the question is like this:  Did the Parent Mind stream formless information around 70 million physical years ago that allowed virtual dinosaurs to exist on virtual Earth inside someone’s lower mind?  The answer to the second question is Yes.  During that time, there were already seats of consciousness residing inside their respective lower minds and using animal virtual physical bodies to live on virtual Earth during that time.  Many of those animals must have interacted with and observed the fearsome creatures that we now call dinosaurs. One such type of animal is the crocodiles, which still live in present times. The evolution of the minds and seats of consciousness of multitudes of lower beings on Earth over long periods of absolute time is real.  The thinking aspect of their minds may still be latent but their lower minds, aside from their functioning builder aspect, already have active dreamweaver aspect, enabling them to develop survival and reproductive instincts. And they are as conscious as we humans are.

The Fundamentals of Pain

The more important application of the hidden fundamental truths of our existence lies in explaining the basic questions related to the actual human experience.  There was one question that I found to be very challenging to answer:  If our seat of consciousness is composed of high-grade information that is immortal and has an inherent attribute of bliss and contentment, then why do we as humans often feel real pain and suffering?  Where does this pain come from, considering that what apparently causes this pain, the physical world which we interact with, is merely virtual in nature and is therefore illusory. 

This fundamental question is one of the most difficult that I had to grapple with because almost nobody had tried to address it squarely and adequately.  The suffering and pains felt by us humans are the single biggest cause of why we question the need for us to exist at all, and why some people blame whoever caused existence to appear, especially those people whose innocent beloved children had died at a young age and those who find the physical and emotional pains of life to be unbearable and hopeless.  They understandably feel that if we do not exist at all, then we will never have to feel pain and everything will just be fine in non-existence. Or alternatively, it would have been just fine and okay for us humans to exist at all as long as we do not suffer and feel pain or boredom (which is a kind of pain).  That is why I can never agree that the pains we feel from time to time are illusory, as those pains are obviously real. Our physical bodies and brains may just be virtual products of our own minds, no matter how persistent those are, and are therefore not real, but the pain we feel is undeniably real.  So, where does the feeling of pain come from, if not from the unreal brain?

One truth about our physical world is that it is an immersive virtual reality (VR).  In the movie Ready Player One, the main character used a haptic suit for an immersive VR experience, despite the suit causing pain to the wearer whenever he makes a mistake.  Immersion in VR with the associated pain is important in order for the experience to be richer and therefore the information received by the person are better learned and remembered (higher-quality storage of acquired information in the mind).  So, the purpose of pain is clear.  Now, we can begin to theorize about its hidden mechanics. Stanza 3.10-11 of the enigmatic ancient Book of Dzyan gives us a clue:

Father-Mother spin a web whose upper end is fastened to Spirit – the light of the one darkness – and the lower one to its shadowy end, Matter;  and this web is the universe spun out of the two substances made in one, which is Svabhavat.

It expands when the Breath of Fire is upon it;  It contracts when the Breath of the Mother touches it.  Then the Sons dissociate and scatter, to return into their Mother’s bosom at the end of the Great Day, and re-become one with her;  When it is cooling it becomes radiant, and the Sons expand and contract through their own selves and hearts;  They embrace infinitude.”

My Analysis:  “Father-Mother” is the commingling (mixing) of spirit matter (Father) and chaos matter (Mother) that results in the reconstitution of a person’s mind column (Svabhavat) during the start of a new mega-cycle of evolutionary activity (the Great Day or the Day of Brahma)*.  The upper end of a mind column (the web) is attached to a person’s main seat of consciousness (the Spirit) from where it regularly receives enlightening and energizing high-grade information.  The lower end of the mind column is attached to the builder aspect of the lower mind (the bottom end that builds “shadowy” or virtual physical Matter).  This mind column (web) builds all the virtual reality worlds (universe) inside it, including the heavenly (or celestial) realities in its higher levels. 

The mind column expands laterally when the main spirit above it is able to send down unhindered into the column all the enlightening and energizing spiritual information (Breath of Fire) that are intended to be sent into it through a thin information highway (the metaphorical “River from Eden” or “River Ganges”) that runs through it.  “Fire” symbolizes pure spirit matter, while “breath” symbolizes its internal periodic motion.  The mind column contracts laterally when the chaos-matter-dominated lower mind constricts  (Breath of the Mother) and thereby chokes the thin information highway that runs through the middle of its interior.  This information highway connects the human seat of consciousness (the Son) to its main seat of consciousness (the Spirit) that resides above the mind column, and this lifeline is vital for the survival of the human spirit.  

When this lifeline is severely constricted, the human seat of consciousness loses its ability to generate consciousness and threatens its very existence in these lower levels of the mind column.  The human spirit cannot exist as a separate entity if this lifeline is completely severed.  Thus, any human seat of consciousness that is located inside the lower mind feels pain and suffering whenever this lifeline is being choked by the constriction of the lower mind.  The rules governing which situations cause the lower mind to expand and which situation causes it to constrict, requires a whole new topic of discussion concerning the human experience.

The seats of consciousness of humans (the Sons) may have separated (“dissociate and scatter”) from their respective main seats of consciousness to probe the depths of their mind columns in order to learn and gain experience but they remain inextricably connected to those main seats of consciousness through lifelines.  And these human seats of consciousness will return to and be reunited with their respective main seats consciousness (Mother’s bosom) at the end of each mega-cycle of evolutionary activity (the Great Day) in order to start a very long period (in absolute time) of spiritual rest (the Night of Brahma).

* [The above concept based on the Book of Dzyan is very similar to one from the ancient Mesopotamian text Enuma Elish, where the Father (Apsu) is described as the freshwater (spirit matter), while the Mother (Tiamat) is the saltwater (chaos matter).  These two types of metaphorical waters mixed together to give birth to Mummu (the mind) in this very old Mesopotamian creation story.]

The Physical Body as Vehicle of Experience in Our Physical Reality

The reason why we are required to have a virtual physical body as a vehicle of experience in this virtual physical world is the same as to why we need an avatar in a virtual reality video game:  We get better-quality and higher-impact experiences (i.e. better-quality information acquired) by participating in an interactive reality, rather than in a passive reality where you can observe but can do nothing to change the situation.


A seat of consciousness that is equipped with an active thinker mind is best put in an interactive virtual reality where the thinking mind is forced to work fully, resulting in its progressive evolution and avoidance of complacency (stagnation).  Possessing a physical body that can be killed or starved, the thinker aspect of the mind is compelled to consider alternative solutions to allow the seat of consciousness to quickly make an informed choice in situations where there is imminent danger to the physical body.  Likewise, because the physical body is empowered to effect changes to his VR physical world, such as constructing a nice house, the mind is motivated to work actively in designing and implementing the conceived designs, thus getting more and deeper experience in learning and managing the unique rules of this physical reality. Possession of an active thinker aspect of the lower mind, though limited in information processing capability, is the foundation of a human being for having free will.

In the case where the seat of consciousness is placed inside a virtual reality without the benefit of having a virtual body as vehicle, it is futile to equip him with a thinking mind because that mind will not be motivated to work, as he is anyway in a comfort zone where he cannot modify the reality world nor can the reality world make a huge impact to this mind (except information input through perceiving or observing).  This is the case where you can see the world but the other seats of consciousness that participate within that world cannot see you.  Yes, one advantage is that the world cannot kill you and you can do no harm to others in that world.  But the mind eventually becomes lethargic and the lessons learned are shallow, even fleeting because one does not have to make serious choices.  Immersion in our virtual physical world is not only about the quantity of information that we gather and process, but more important is the quality of the information obtained and the potency of their storage within us.

Awakened Minds Before 10,000 B.C.

I have written a previous post indicating that intellectually highly-evolved beings from the rules-based heavenly realities high up the mind column started being born en masse on earth among savage hunter-gatherers beginning around 10,000 B.C. and they became the leaders and teachers of civilization for humanity for thousands of years.  There are indications however that a relatively smaller number of those enlightened beings started being born much earlier on earth in human bodies during the Upper Paleolithic times. 


The engraved antler above from Lorthet, France is Middle Magdalenian in age (12,000 – 11,500 B.C.) in the Upper Paleolithic.  This figure is lifted from the article “Deciphering Upper Paleolithic” written by James B. Harrod, with the line rendition of the antler by A. Marshack (1972).

The familiar symbolism of the images that were engraved in the antler can be easily deciphered by a mind trained in the hidden knowledge.  The elongated artifact made from an antler represents the Tree of Life, which in turn represents the mind column of a person.  The serpent represents the chaos matter composition of the mind column, especially that of the lower mind.  The row of newly hatched bird heads on each side of the serpent represents the spirit matter composition of the mind column.  These two types of component stuff are commingled in the mind column.  The two branch symbols above the snake’s neck confirm the interpretation of the artifact as symbolizing the Tree of Life.  The tri-line sign below the snake’s neck represents the three levels of the mind column that produce three different types of virtual realities: the physical world, the netherworld, and the heavenly worlds. The stomach of the serpent appears full because those types of virtual worlds, as well as the seat of consciousness of the human being, are all swallowed inside that person’s mind column.  The reverse side of this artifact is engraved with what appears to be a row of chevrons or perhaps a zigzag.  A zigzag or a series of chevrons symbolizes the periodic internal motion of a spirit or that of spirit matter.  The creation of this artifact by somebody during the Upper Paleolithic indicates that high knowledge from the lofty virtual worlds hosted by the higher mind were brought down to earth during that early time of savage humans by a seat of consciousness with enlightened mind.

Altamira Cave

Many archaeologists are baffled by the sudden creative explosion in cave art during the  Upper Paleolithic (48,000 – 10,000 B.C.).  It was as if some select human minds embedded among the larger masses of hunter-gatherer savage minds were suddenly awakened during this early period of human history.  Just look at the magnificent cave paintings in Chauvet Cave in France (earlier that 30,000 B.C.), Cave of Altamira in Spain (13,500 B.C.), and Lascaux in France (15,000 B.C.).  The supposedly primitive artists deliberately entered almost inaccessible and dangerously very dark locations in those caves to create sophisticated artworks, as if they were in a sacred mission to send a message to future generations of humans, thousands of years from their time.  Their intended message I suppose is:  “We were here this early in human evolution, we who have awakened minds”.  

This phenomenon can be easily explained if one deeply understands the hidden knowledge I have outlined.  It is important to note that because of the relatively small numbers of enlightened ones born during the Upper Paleolithic, they were not able to significantly change the course of human history in terms of civilization.  It seems that they were merely the forerunners (the so-called “lesser gods”) preparing the way for the coming of the main wave of Awakened Ones (the so-called “major gods”).  The general population of humanity remained as savage hunter-gatherers for thousands of years more – until the number of enlightened ones being born on Earth increased dramatically starting around 10,000 B.C.  That was when a more dramatic explosion of the thinking mind occurred on Earth, marking the advent of human civilization that continued until the present age of space travel and advanced computer technology.

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