The Origin of Gods and Men

By:   Ranilo Abando     (Manila, May 1, 2023) ****           

The model of the real universe that I have crafted based on the hidden ancient knowledge that I have decoded from ancient sources has many implications regarding the progressive evolution of the innumerable seats of consciousness that inhabit such real universe beyond our virtual physical world.  Charles Darwin cleverly explained the evolution of physical life forms on earth, i.e. microbes, plants and animals, through natural selection over millions of years of physical time.  But this evolution of physical life forms is virtual only. 

While the general aspects of Darwin’s theory on the origin of species are reasonable for a biologist whose perspective is inside this physical reality, the theory has significant gaps that Darwin himself struggled to find answers to.  It is because the progressive physical evolution of life forms to more complex forms is just a crude reflection or a rough fractal of a more fundamental and more persisting kind of evolution which is the hidden evolution of the seat of consciousness.  The long journey of a seat of consciousness that persists across deaths of its animated physical life forms has to be understood in order to plug the loopholes in Darwin’s theory.  Darwin’s elucidation of his theory of physical evolution takes into account the apparent struggles, death, survival and extinction of living organisms but not the unseen survival and continuity of their animating seats of consciousness.

Big unavoidable questions arise from my constructed model of the real universe. Fortunately, these questions may be answered through guidance from decoded ancient information sources, modern scientific studies, and the power of enlightened reasoning.  How do seats of consciousness propagate?  If the smaller seats of consciousness of lower beings (microbes, plants, and animals) eventually evolve into relatively larger and more mentally advanced human seats of consciousness, why are there only a few billion humans on earth when there are more than quadrillions of individual lower beings on earth at any given moment of time today or in the past one hundred million years?  Where did the rest of them go?  These are indeed very difficult questions, that many say are unanswerable.  I beg to disagree.  One piece of clue regarding the hidden long-term evolution of a seat of consciousness across multiple physical deaths came from Rumi, the 13th century mystic from ancient Persia who wrote the following lines:

“I died as mineral and became a plant, I died as plant and rose to animal, I died as animal and I was human, Why should I fear?   When was I less by dying? Yet once more I shall die human, To soar with angels blessed above. And when I sacrifice my angel soul I shall become what no mind ever conceived.”

It is probable that Rumi had read an original expression of the above knowledge from much earlier texts. Those words from Rumi are a short poetic or metaphorical expression of a piece of hidden knowledge about the multi-cyclic evolution of a seat of consciousness (or what we commonly call a “spirit”) and must be correlated with other ancient texts and modern studies in order to obtain the abstract of a larger hidden truth.


While mainstream scientists do not consider a mineral crystal as a living thing, we know that mineral crystals have highly ordered internal structure (much more ordered than those of other non-living objects such as a drinking glass or a plastic toy), are “born” (e.g. from hydrothermal fluids) and grow larger (such as when inside a magma chamber), “reproduce” (recrystallization into smaller but more individual crystals), and “die” (such as chemical weathering that turns them into soil).  We also know that the exact definition of a living object is still a subject of much debate.  For example, whether a virus is living or non-living is still subject to a degree of uncertainty.


Rumi was essentially telling us that a seat of consciousness undergoes numerous cycles of physical embodiment, initially through simple physical forms, such as minerals and microbes, then later through more complex physical bodies such as those of animals and humans.  He implies that the seat of consciousness survives the death of its vehicle of embodiment, essentially discarding a physical body that died in order to ride a new one so that it can gather more and varied experiences.  It can be likened to a video game, where a player survives the death of his virtual avatar, and then selects his new avatar for the next game.  Through multiple physical life cycles, the seat of consciousness is able to accumulate more and varied information from numerous experiences which it then processes and stores as permanent memories which in turn make it grow.  It literally grows, because the seat of consciousness itself is composed of high-grade information.

Rumi is also implying to us that once the seat of consciousness has accumulated enough information from numerous and varied experiences from different lives on earth and it has nothing more to learn from such cycles, it is then able to escape those vicious life cycles hosted by the lower mind, leave the lower mind for good, and live permanently (i.e., during the remaining period of our present mega-cycle) in the realities hosted by the higher mind.  There, they will have their own virtual vehicles of embodiment that are suited for those higher types of virtual realities.  You may call those permanent residents of the higher mind as “angels”, “gods”, “devas” or whatever you want to call them.  Take note that they have no wings there, as the white wings depicted in paintings of angels here on earth are merely symbols of their highly-evolved higher minds.  Those mentally advanced residents will continue their mind-spirit evolution in the heavenly virtual realities, with higher degree of thinking power and with greater complexity of the knowledge they handle and share.  Finally, Rumi admitted that the kind of evolution which lies even beyond the virtual realms of the higher mind is already beyond his human mental capacity to understand.

Now let us correlate the above quotation from Rumi to the related hidden knowledge contained in the ancient Book of Dzyan.  It has been claimed that the Book of Dzyan originated from the Himalayan or Tibetan region during ancient times.  Others claim that its origin cannot be backtraced even during the present times.  Some claim that it is a forgery, as no similar manuscript of the same age exists anywhere.  But from my own assessment, the book contains very deep truths written in metaphorical language that can be decoded in order to obtain their precious hidden messages. 

I can attest that the hidden knowledge contained in the Book of Dzyan go even beyond the time frame of human existence on earth.  And they are eerily consistent with the details of my constructed model of the real universe using other ancient and modern sources.  A quote from the Christian bible states:   “A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.”  The fruit of the ancient Book of Dzyan is indeed very sweet and spiritually nourishing, no matter where the book came from or who wrote it.  For example, the following lines are from Stanza 7 of the ancient Book of Dzyan (Cosmogenesis):

“5. The Spark hangs from the Flame by the finest thread of Fohat. It journeys through the Seven Worlds of Maya. It stops in the First, and is a Metal and a Stone; it passes into the Second, and behold – a Plant;  the Plant whirls through seven changes and becomes a Sacred Animal. From the combined attributes of these, Manu, the Thinker, is formed. Who forms him? The Seven Lives and the One Life. Who completes him? The Fivefold Lha. And who perfects the last Body? Fish, Sin, and Soma…..  

6. From the First-born the Thread between the Silent Watcher and his Shadow becomes more strong and radiant with every Change.  The morning Sunlight has changed into noonday glory….  

7. “This thy present Wheel”, said the Flame to the Spark. “Thou art myself, my image and my shadow. I have clothed myself in thee, and thou art my Vâhan to the Day “Be With Us”, when thou shalt re-become myself and others, thyself and me”.  Then the Builders, having donned their first Clothing, descent on radiant Earth and reign over men — who are themselves… .”


The “Spark” in the lines above refers to the detached seat of consciousness (spirit) of a human, animal, or any other lower sentient being.  It is detached from its main seat of consciousness (main spirit) which is referred to as the “Flame” that dwells permanently in the spirit world above its own mind column.  This detached seat of consciousness, however, still hangs from its main spirit – meaning that they are permanently connected by “Fohat”, a thin elongated information highway which is symbolized in ancient writings as the River Ganges or the River from Eden.  The thread of Fohat has the same symbolic meaning as Ariadne’s thread in Greek legend.  By the way, though they may be analogous or a fractal of each other, please remember that distances in the actual mind column are not physical distances, the latter being virtual in nature and therefore illusory.

The lower seat of consciousness (Spark) journeys through all of the different levels of manifestation in the virtual physical world (Seven Worlds of Maya).  “Maya” means an illusion and best describes a virtual manifestation.  Its first level of manifestation is as a mineral (“Metal and a Stone”).  A stone or a rock is generally composed of minerals, while a naturally-occurring metal such as gold or platinum is also considered as a mineral.  So, according to the Book of Dzyan, an embryonic or very lowly-evolved seat of consciousness first gathers experiences from our physical world through embodiment in a mineral, which is consistent with what the Persian mystic Rumi had been telling us. This is very reasonable because obviously an embryonic seat of consciousness will not be able to operate a mammalian or a human body which is a very complex machine indeed.


The second level of physical manifestation is in the Plant Kingdom which a young seat of consciousness has to enter and gather experiences in before it is able to develop the mental capabilities to operate in higher levels. The Microbial Kingdom was not considered before the Plant Kingdom for the obvious reason that the microscope that is needed to view them was not yet invented during the ancient times when those writings were introduced to humanity.  

The statement that the lower spirit has to “whirl through seven changes” means that it has to use many different kinds of plant forms as its vehicles of manifestation.  We are talking here of innumerable cyclic transmigration by the young seat of consciousness as plants over millions of earth years. One cycle, for example, consists of dying as a tulip and then germinating as a rose.  After it has gathered enough experiences (i.e. stored and processed enough information) in the Plant Kingdom and has sufficiently developed its mental faculties, it enters the Animal Kingdom and undergoes another level of multiple cycles of transmigration in many different species of animal bodies over very long periods of physical time.


The phrase “From the combined attributes of these, Manu, the Thinker, is formedmeans that the detached seat of consciousness has gathered enough experiences as lower life forms and has sufficiently developed its mental faculties to enable it to be born as a human being on earth.  “Manu” or Man in English was able to activate the thinker aspect of its lower mind, enabling it to think and quickly innovate in response to changes in its physical and social environment.  This gave it a newly found power over the animals and plants on earth.  The thinker aspect of the lower mind of animals and plants is still latent and underdeveloped, forcing them to rely on instincts developed over thousands of years by the dreamweaver aspect of their lower minds.  Thus, the largely pre-programmed responses of animals to different changes in the environment are generally fast but non-innovative.  It was the hominid great apes animal lineage that developed the best body form for the activation of the thinking mind for human mind-spirit evolution because of the dexterity of its freed hands, its relatively large brain size, its flexible facial and vocal expressions, and its stereoscopic vision.

Hominid ancestor

The subsequent lines in the above extract from the Book of Dzyan have gotten even more complex and deeper in meaning.  The statement “Who forms him? The Seven Lives and the One Life” refers to the numerous previous lives (The Seven Lives) as lower life forms of the transmigrating seat of consciousness which significantly enlarged the original seat of consciousness (The One Life) that detached from its main spirit (Flame), resulting in the formation of a human seat of consciousness that is moderately evolved and with a fairly active thinking mind.

Savage humans

The line “Who completes him? The Fivefold Lha” refers to the complete awakening and civilization of the thinker aspect of the human lower mind, freeing humanity from the shackles of being savages for the past hundreds of thousands of physical years and thus producing the civilized man.  The ones who completed this transformation of humans are the highly-evolved permanent residents (The Fivefold Lha) of the rules-based heavenly realities high up the mind column who were born in human bodies on earth in the past.  These are the ancient “gods” – ancient teachers and rulers who taught savage human hunter-gatherers the ways of civilized life on earth.

Early civilized men

Modern humans

The line “And who perfects the last Body? Fish, Sin, and Soma…..” refers to the perfection of a human seat of  consciousness during its last cycle of life in the virtual physical world.  “Fish” in a flowing stream of fresh water is a metaphor that refers to the high spiritual knowledge that are sourced from the more powerful higher mind.  This knowledge is often depicted in Mesopotamian cylinder seals as fishes from the streams of fresh water emanating from Enki, the deification of the thinking mind.  “Sin”, the Mesopotamian moon god, symbolizes the high spiritual knowledge brought down to earth from the rules-based heavenly realities high up the mind column by those highly-evolved teachers of humanity mentioned earlier.  In vedic writings, “Soma” is a plant juice extract that when drank, produces immortality — indicating that it also symbolizes high spiritual knowledge.

Therefore, acquisition of high spiritual knowledge has freed those select human seats of consciousness who are at the forefront of human evolution from the bondage of repetitive life cycles in multiple human physical bodies, allowing them to live permanently in the much better virtual worlds hosted by the higher mind.  Those seats of consciousness have lived their last life in a human physical body (“Last Body“) on earth.  From then on, they will escape earthly life and live like Rumi’s “angels”.  They will live like “gods”. This advancement to a level beyond that of human evolution can happen during our present mega-cycle of evolution or be continued during the middle to later part of the next mega-cycle after our present one.

A depiction: Eden

In the line “6. From the First-born the Thread between the Silent Watcher and his Shadow becomes more strong and radiant with every Change.”  The “First-born” refers to the original seat of consciousness (Spark) that separated from the main seat of consciousness (Flame) and it is named as such because its first birth is its separation or detachment from its “mother”, the main seat of consciousness or the “Flame”.  The subsequent births are its numerous births and embodiment as lower life forms in the physical world. 

With each cycle of rebirth, embodiment, and death, the information highway (“Thread”) connecting the lower spirit from its higher self becomes more active with bigger volumes of information flowing both ways as its mental-spirit evolution progresses, just like a mother’s umbilical cord that gets stronger and busier as the baby attached to it grows bigger.  The “Thread” between them has gotten filled more and more with free-flowing high-grade spiritual information that it metaphorically becomes more radiant, just like “the morning Sunlight has changed into noonday glory….”  The main spirit or the Flame is the “Silent Watcher” because it observes everything that its son spirit (Spark) is doing in the lower virtual worlds, yet it does not partake of the “fruits of the tree”, meaning it lets the son decide for itself.  The son is the “Shadow” of its mother because they remain intimately connected and the latter constantly watches the former.        

7. “This thy present Wheel“, said the Flame (mother main spirit) to the Spark (its son spirit).  The present “Wheel” is our present mega-cycle of evolution which started with the first appearance of physical life forms on earth a few billion physical years ago.  Among the simplest and earliest life forms are the soft-bodied kinds of microbes.  But even much earlier than them are the hard-bodied minerals that formed the rocks of the earth’s crust, if you agree to consider them as living forms.  The statement ”Thou art myself, my image and my shadow” means that the detached spirit (Spark) and its main spirit (Flame) are integral parts of the same Being, though they may have two temporarily separate consciousness. 

The statement “I have clothed myself in thee, and thou art my Vâhan to the Day “Be With Us”, when thou shalt re-become myself and others, thyself and me” confirms what I have stated in my previous posts:  At the end of the present mega-cycle of evolution (the Day “Be With Us”), all the detached lower spirits will re-unite with their respective main spirits, which also marks the start of the long period of inactivity or the “Night of Brahma”.  Not only will the detached son spirits re-unite with their respective mother main spirits, but also all the son spirits, all mother main spirits, and the central Parent spirit itself will all (“and others”) join together in the Spirit World at the start of the period of rest called the Night of Brahma. Thus, all those innumerable mind columns, including the central Parent Mind, that partly comprise our Real Universe, will be dissolved — flooding all those columns and all the virtual universes that they host with the “waters” of the surrounding Ocean of Chaos (Singularity).  That is also according to the first stanzas of the Book of Dzyan, if the reader can utilize his higher mind to understand these very deep truths.  

Thou art my Vâhan” (vehicle of consciousness) means that the mother main spirit is able to obtain in real time all the information being gathered by the detached son spirit during the latter’s entire separate existence inside the lower mind.  The “Builders” mentioned in the line “Then the Builders, having donned their first Clothing, descent on radiant Earth and reign over men — who are themselves….” are the intellectually highly-evolved residents of the rules-based heavenly realities hosted by their higher minds who went down their respective lower minds and then were born in human bodies (donned their “Clothing”) on earth during ancient times and ruled over the savage humans as “divine kings”.  Those intellectually advanced beings evolved to that beyond the human level during the previous mega-cycle of evolution that preceded our present one. They are called builders because they helped build the refined physical bodies of civilized humans, especially the right neural circuitry of the human brain which enabled it to develop complex language capability, through widespread and repetitive incarnations in those bodies for thousands of years.  After thousands of years, humanity became the “Builders” themselves, meaning most humans have largely inherited the body and brain forms that those mentally advanced beings had assumed and refined through incarnations in the deep past.

It means that the designs of physical bodies, including those of humans, animals and plants, were evolved predominantly by the numerous incarnating seats of consciousness themselves on earth over very long periods of physical time.  Their physical interactions with other living beings and their physical environments, including earth’s gravitational pull, shaped their bodies in thousands and up to millions of earth years.  Complex body forms such as those of apes and flowering plants were developed by their animating seats of consciousness because of their own need to acquire more complex experiences as their level of mind-spirit advancement upgrades. 

Progressive evolution of physical life forms from simple to complex ones is not the result only of random or accidental genetic mutation.  It is also borne out of a need to attain higher levels of mind-spirit evolution.  If physical evolution is guided only by natural selection, then more likely there would only be bacteria and marine planktons which are the most successful life forms on earth and the human body would not have been developed. Remember that in accordance with the Second Law of Thermodynamics due to the lower mind’s high chaos content, there is a natural tendency of physical things to degenerate or deteriorate rather than to become more complex without the intervention of the seats of consciousness. Information about the developed body designs, if the latter functioned successfully, can be stored and then re-used in the next mega-cycle of evolution by the next generation of evolving sentient beings.

In just a few sentences, the enigmatic Book of Dzyan has encapsulated human origin and destiny.

The Flood in the Epic of Gilgamesh

Related to the evolution of the seat of consciousness during the early periods of the present mega-cycle, the following extract from Tablets XI and XII of the Epic of Gilgamesh contains coded knowledge:
“When the storm came, the gods clambered up as high as they could go and cringed in terror. Ishtar wept to see her children being destroyed.  Eventually, the boat ran aground on a mountain peak.  After seven days, Utnapishtim released a dove.  When it couldn’t find a dry place to alight, it returned to the boat.  Utnapishtim released a swallow.  It too returned.  Then he released a raven, and it never came back.”

The Flood

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, the Flood is a metaphor for the dissolution of all mind columns of all sentient beings by the invading “waters” (i.e. singularity) from the surrounding Ocean of Chaos which marked the end of the previous mega-cycle of activity (Day of Brahma) and the start of a long period of spiritual rest or inactivity (Night of Brahma).  The dissolution of all mind columns resulted in the catastrophic destruction of all virtual worlds inside those columns, including the physical world.  After the long period of spiritual rest, our present mega-cycle of activity commenced with the reconstitution of the mind columns of all the seats of consciousness that dwell in the spirit world.

Dove & raven

In the extract above, Utnapishtim, who is the equivalent of Noah in the Old Testament of the Bible, metaphorically represents the seats of consciousness (spirits) that evolved during the previous mega-cycle of evolution preceding our present one.  They saved themselves from the “Flood” (survived) and preserved their respective level of mental-spiritual development.  They have rested during the long “Night of Brahma” and then were ready to re-commence during the present mega-cycle their previously interrupted process of evolution – continuing from the level where they stopped, not back to square one.  No information gathered from the lives they lived during the previous megacycle is lost by the flooding from the Ocean of Chaos, as those have all been stored efficiently in the spirits themselves during the long period of rest.  That is the true meaning of the metaphorical preservation of animal pairs in Noah’s Ark before the Flood.  Even the information on how to reconstitute the mind columns were preserved.  During that long period of spiritual rest (Night of Brahma), the Parent seat of consciousness, a very very old one indeed, has preserved all the information that are needed for the reconstitution and operation of all virtual worlds, including all the evolved physical and celestial body designs of living beings.

The “mountain peak” in the above extract where the boat settled after the Flood metaphorically represents the newly reconstituted mind column of each seat of consciousness for the present mega-cycle of evolution. The “boat” that settled on top of the “mountain peak” metaphorically represents the mother main spirit itself which contains all the information gathered from its son’s previous lives in the previous mega-cycle of evolution.  The phrase “After seven days” metaphorically represents a long period of physical time in terms of earth years.  Utnapishtim releasing a dove metaphorically represents the detachment or separation of the “son” seat of consciousness from its “mother” main seat of consciousness that permanently dwells above the mind column.  This “son” spirit is then sent down the lower mind in order to gather experiences from numerous lives in virtual reality worlds, especially in the physical world.  However, the “son” and the “mother” will remain connected by a thin “Thread” where spiritual information will continue to flow both ways.

In ancient writings, a bird is usually a code or symbol to represent a seat of consciousness (spirit).  The white dove represents a moderately evolved seat of consciousness that will not be able to find a physical body to ride as vehicle for life experience during the early period of earth’s history when only microbes and simple plants were the only life forms developed and available.  The whiteness of the bird represents the higher degree of mind-spirit evolutionary attainment. Those types of spirits will not take those lower life forms as vehicles because those are not appropriate for their relatively higher level of mental-spiritual development which they evolved during the previous mega-cycle.  The same symbolism applies for the swallow.  It is a different case for the black raven, as it represents the less evolved seat of consciousness.  Being dark in ancient writings represents ignorance and lack of spiritual light — meaning that these less developed seats of consciousness will be suited to take lower life forms, such as microbes and simple plants, as vehicles of experience in the physical world.  That is why the “raven” never came back to the “boat” after its release.

The Fujiwhara Effect in Spirit Merging

If the smaller seats of consciousness of lower beings (microbes, plants, and animals) eventually evolve into relatively larger human seats of consciousness, why are there only a few billion humans on earth now when there are much more than quadrillions of individual lower beings on earth at any given moment of time today or in the past one hundred million years?  Where did the rest of the moderately evolved seats of consciousness go?  The numbers do not add up.

This question may be answered through the phenomenon of merging of seats of consciousness.  Merging of smaller but numerous seats of consciousness into one larger seat consciousness combines all the experiences and memories of the former from past separate lives.  This  phenomenon would explain the much less number of humans or relatively advanced animals such as apes on earth at any given time compared to the much larger number of lower life forms.  Spirit merging would also be an efficient way to shorten evolutionary time for every sentient being and conserves the Parent Mind’s computing power for the coordination of physical reality.  The mechanics for such merging are still sketchy and difficult to explain due to lack of related literature, but past Theosophists had some written discussions of their concept of “group soul”.  Apparent physical manifestations of combined seats of consciousness or a “group spirit” are implied in the following sample cases:

1.  Murmuration is a phenomenon in nature where hundreds or thousands of birds, like starlings, fly together in a whirling, ever-changing ordered pattern.   As they fly, the starlings in a murmuration seem to be connected together. They twist and turn and change direction at an instant’s notice. How do thousands of birds coordinate such complicated movement while in flight?  Starlings don’t plan or practice their flight patterns, yet starlings seem to know when to turn simultaneously, when birds at opposite ends of the flock are separated by space and hundreds or thousands of other birds.  All the birds seem to be connected to the same network of information processing, which implies that they have one integrated mind.

Birds flock

2.  The behavior of insects that live in colonies, such as ants, bees, wasps and termites, has always been mysterious.  Individual insects seem to do their own special function without any apparent central control, yet the colony as a whole behaves in a highly coordinated manner.  The organized behavior that emerges is sometimes called swarm intelligence, which implies centralized information processing from one integrated mind.

Ants colony

3.  The 4,000-mile round trip made by millions of monarch butterflies holds a deep mystery.  The butterfly that goes from Canada to Mexico and partway back lives six to nine months, but when it mates and lays eggs, it may have gotten only as far as Texas, and breeding butterflies live only about six weeks. So a daughter born on a Texas prairie goes on to lay an egg on a South Dakota highway divider that becomes a granddaughter. That leads to a great-granddaughter born in a Winnipeg backyard. Come autumn, how does she find her way back to the same grove in Mexico that sheltered her great-grandmother?  What is implied there is that the memories of those four separate generations of butterflies are stored in just one integrated mind.

Monarch butterflies

4.  In 1953, Dr. James McConell began performing labyrinthine experiments with planarian worms, training them, using punishment, to learn over a period of months to consistently follow the most effective route through a maze.  Keeping track of how long it had taken the entire first group of worms to successfully learn how to run the maze, he killed them all and fed the remains to a second group of hitherto untrained worms.  The second group and a third control group of planarians were then all trained to run the same maze using the same method as with the first group of worms.  The control group of worms took roughly the same amount of time to learn to run the maze as the first batch had, but the group which had eaten the first, educated bunch learned to run the maze considerably faster than both the control group and the original group on which they had dined. It was as though by eating the first group of learned worms, they had in some small way attained a not insignificant glimmer of the knowledge which had been previously imparted unto their dinners.  It appears that both the eater planarian and the eaten planarian had obtained a common merged mind (i.e. shared memory) after their cannibalistic interaction with each other.  It is like quantum entanglement of the spiritual kind.

Merging of lowly-evolved spirits is likely a way to maximize the collection of varied experiences (i.e. information) in the shortest time possible.  It would unnecessarily take too much time for the seat of consciousness of a bacterium to progress to the level of a human seat of consciousness if it takes the evolutionary path of strictly no-spirit-merging.  In lower beings, unique individuality is seemingly not a necessity as all spirits are anyway composed of information, and information can normally be combined, shared, and replicated.  The seat of consciousness of a lower being is likely similar to a river that grows larger due to merging of numerous small tributaries.

Fujiwhara Effect

The seat of consciousness (spirit) is metaphorically described in the Book of Dzyan as having “ceaseless eternal breath”, meaning that it has perpetual internal periodic motion, the differences of which allows it to store high-grade information.  In the Rig Veda creation story, the seat of consciousness is metaphorically described as “the One breathed windlessly and self-sustaining”, meaning it has self-propelled internal periodic motion.  If a physical vortex, which exhibits circulating periodic internal motion, is a crude fractal of the seat of consciousness (spirit) in the physical world in terms of movement and form, then the Fujiwhara Effect can give us a rough idea about the mechanics of spirit merging.  The Fujiwhara Effect is the binary interaction of smaller atmospheric circulations that can cause the development of a larger cyclone, or cause two typhoons to merge into one.

Jupiter storms

In another example, scientists have been able to watch two of Jupiter’s giant storms, each about half the size of Earth, colliding and merging to form an even bigger tempest.  A similar merger centuries ago may have created Jupiter’s famous Great Red Spot, a storm that is twice as wide as our planet and at least 300 years old.  Many other examples exist, such as the NGC 7318 which are a pair of colliding and merging galaxies about 300 million light-years from Earth.  They appear in the Constellation Pegasus.  The merging will result in a much bigger galaxy, as observed in other such mergers.  By the way, I would like to remind the readers that the scientific method is not the only way to acquire knowledge. If you want to explore knowledge beyond the virtual physical reality, you would have to do a lot of mental abstracting and interconnecting using your own higher mental faculties.

Galaxies colliding & merging


If seats of consciousness can combine or merge, then I surmise that they can also separate or propagate.  One big question that arises from my model of the real universe is:  Where did those innumerable embryonic seats of consciousness that later took the physical bodies of lower life forms on earth come from?  If the main spirits of those numerous seats of consciousness permanently dwell in the spirit realm, then I surmise that they came from the huge Parent seat of consciousness. 

I think we can again get an idea regarding the mechanics of spirit propagation from the rough fractal relationship between a physical vortex and the periodic internal motion of the spirit, as described in the Book of Dzyan and the Rig Veda.  In the physical universe, numerous small eddies separate from the main body of a larger vortex when it encounters turbulence.  An example of that is the multi-vortex tornado where smaller vortices form around the main tornado center as the tornado moves along.  It is important to remember, however, that high-grade spirit matter is not virtual physical stuff, and therefore physical dimensions or distances are not applicable to the former.  Physical stuff has mind stuff as its medium of virtual manifestation.

Multi-vortex tornado

See in the Jupiter photograph in this post the series of small circulating storms that were produced on the surface of the planet when the bigger circulating storm systems (e.g. Great Red Spot and other major spots) or other circulating currents encounter opposing currents.  I think Jupiter is giving us hints regarding our origin.  In the Book of Dzyan, the product of detachment of numerous small seats of consciousness from a bigger one is metaphorically called “sweat-born” or that produced by “budding and expansion”, which is similar to the process of budding in plant reproduction in the physical world.

Beyond the Angel Soul Evolution

A big question that the great mystic Rumi himself had admitted to failing to comprehend is what happens if a seat of consciousness greatly exceeds the level of mind-spirit evolutionary advancement of a typical higher-mind permanent resident?  I surmise that it reaches a stage of development where there is no more need for it to grow because it has acquired enough volume of information and experience to attain the ideal state of existence.  This ideal state of existence is characterized by a state of peace and bliss in the spirit realm and the absence of struggles and pain as there is no more need to live virtual lives, and having no more need to think frees its seat of consciousness from ever venturing again down inside its own mind column.  

Therefore, this seat of consciousness is now ready to totally separate from his Parent seat of consciousness, permanently stop any further communication with the latter, and become a new independent parent himself with his own children that are “buds” or offshoots from his own spirit stuff.  Thus, he begins to create his own real universe at the start of his children’s first mega-cycle of evolution (Day of Brahma), with his powerful, fast, efficient and autonomic dreamweaver mind as the central information processor for the virtual worlds that are manifested inside the minds of his children where the latter’s pilgrim sons will live numerous lives.  This evolutionary path for the seats of consciousness of the pilgrim sons will be similar to the one their central Parent had trodden and completed for himself.  The following are words from Carl Sagan, the famous cosmologist, about the Hindu religion:

“There is the deep and appealing notion that the universe is but the dream of the God who, after a hundred Brahma years, dissolves himself into a dreamless sleep and the universe dissolves with him until after another Brahma century he stirs, recomposes himself and begins again to dream the great cosmic lotus dream.  Meanwhile, elsewhere there are an infinite number of other universes each with its own God dreaming the cosmic dream.”

Please be reminded that we must not take the statements and customary names used above by Carl Sagan in a religious context.  Rather, we must abstract the essence or fundamental concepts contained in his statements above and properly place them in the deeper context of the grand scheme of things which I have outlined in this post.

I leave it to the judgement of the readers how to consider the seemingly fantastic and radical ideas that I have outlined in this post based on my abstraction of the hidden ancient knowledge that were passed down to us in the deep past by the intellectually highly-evolved teachers from realities high up the mind column.  The only limit of this exploration into the unknown is one’s own imagination.

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I am a Filipino and a geologist by profession but I have also been an ardent searcher for answers to the fundamental questions of human existence ever since 42 years ago. It has been a long, lonely and difficult journey. Why are we here? Where did we come from? What on earth is this world where I found my self in? Surprisingly, I found out that the answers are right there under our noses. There just need to be some adjustments in the way people think.

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