Those who have eyes, let them see…

Use the untapped potential of your higher mind to abstract, interconnect, and crack the code of the ancients. The mind has the capability to grasp the universe because it plays a major role in building it. Information abound but learn to separate the grains from the chaff, the diamonds from the rocks.

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Seeing with New Eyes

By: Ranilo Abando  (Manila, November 6, 2022)     **** The hidden ancient knowledge that I have outlined in my previous posts are consistent with the many discoveries in science which deals with the rules governing our virtual physical reality.  However, the more important aspect of studying this hidden knowledge is learning to develop the capability toContinue reading Seeing with New Eyes

The Real Universe Beyond Our Virtual Physical World

By:   Ranilo Abando     (Manila, September 6, 2021) ****            I would like to summarize in a schematic diagram the many abstract concepts that I have introduced in my previous posts so that the readers may get a visual overview of the real universe beyond this virtual physical world that the intellectually-evolved ancients were trying to conveyContinue reading “The Real Universe Beyond Our Virtual Physical World”

Ancient Mesopotamian Cylinder Seals: Bite-size Slices of the Hidden Knowledge

By: Ranilo Abando (Manila, December 27, 2020) **** Interpreting thousands-year-old symbolic scenes contained in ancient Mesopotamian cylinder seals is a real challenge for the mind.  Not only are the meaning of the depicted individual figures and deities deep, one also has to find the hidden relationship among the different elements in the depicted scene. Therefore,Continue reading “Ancient Mesopotamian Cylinder Seals: Bite-size Slices of the Hidden Knowledge”