The Real Universe Beyond Our Virtual Physical World

By:   Ranilo Abando     (Manila, September 6, 2021) ****           

I would like to summarize in a schematic diagram the many abstract concepts that I have introduced in my previous posts so that the readers may get a visual overview of the real universe beyond this virtual physical world that the intellectually-evolved ancients were trying to convey to us through writings, oral traditions, artworks and monuments.  May I remind the readers that these hidden high knowledge were brought down to us by those teachers of humanity over a period of many thousands of years.  I had to decode and interpret these knowledge because the ancients used deep metaphorical language and symbols to describe the Real that lies beyond the illusions of our world.

Actually, I was a bit hesitant to make an exposition of these hidden knowledge, as there was an age-old tradition of not sharing these types of knowledge to the general public and such knowledge-sharing were confined to the elite intellectual class of the ancients.  When I mentioned elite intellectual class, that term did not include philosophers and scientists studying the overt physical world.  Rather, it referred to a secretive group of people who had the capability to understand deep abstract truths using the power of their well-developed higher minds.

Fortunately, the leading-edge discoveries in modern physics, cosmology, archaeology, neurology and biology have now given rise to a new generation of human thinkers who are determined to pursue the existence of hidden truths that is implied by the paradoxes and counter-intuitive experimental results in quantum mechanics, physics, information science/technology, archaeology, and the field of human/animal cognition and consciousness.  This has convinced me that this information-awash world of ours is ready to accept my crazy new ideas without me being accused of heresy, witchcraft, or madness. 

The implications of scientific studies in quantum mechanics, particularly the results of double-slit and delayed-choice quantum eraser experiments, as well as thought experiments such as Schrodinger’s cat, have astounding ramifications about the nature of physical reality. Even some of the most prominent quantum physicists in the past have acknowledged that the results of those experiments imply that physical reality is essentially a mental construct of the human observer. This means that the seemingly solid material objects that we see and touch everyday, like a chair or a spoon, are merely high-quality virtual forms in 3-D virtual space.

For example, in the Schrodinger’s cat thought experiment, my interpretation of it is that there was no cat inside the box before it was opened. A dead cat and a live cat existed merely as formless information. When the box is opened by the observer to see the cat, that is the only time when the physical body of either a dead cat or a live cat was rendered to that observer by his own mind.

Welcome to the Real World

Please see above the graphic representation or model of the real universe beyond this virtual physical space and time that I have drawn and commented on.  The Real has three basic elements: the mind (not the virtual physical brain), the seat of consciousness (commonly called the spirit), and chaos (in science, equivalent to singularity).  Among the three, the mind is actually semi-permanent only (pardon me for such a paradoxical word), as it is ultimately subject to periodic dissolution and reconstitution. 

Information, the necessary consequence of separation, differentiation, and rise of order from chaos, is the most fundamental component of anything that exists – including the seat of consciousness itself and the mind.  Total chaos is not composed of information, and is considered by the advanced ancients to be neither existing nor non-existing.  By itself only, total chaos cannot transmit any information.  It has to be discretely commingled with other differentiated elements in order for it to contain or transmit information. 

Motion is a necessary attribute of high-order existence and, therefore, periodic cycles are the necessary consequence of that for the sake of sustainability and efficiency.  

The Virtual Physical Brain and the Non-virtual Mind

The human brain is part of this virtual physical world.  As such, the human brain is virtual and therefore not real.  In view of that, the unreal brain obviously cannot generate the consciousness that we know is real.  We know that the physical condition of the brain affects the functioning of the non-physical human mind, as our physical reality operates as an interactive system – the mind has the power to modify the physical world and the physical world, including the human physical body and brain, has the power to modify the human mind.  Thus, if the brain is physically damaged, the damage is reflected in the state of the mind with respect to its ability to interact with the physical world.  

Please take note, however, that when the brain is physically damaged, the mind itself is not structurally damaged.  But because of the rules of this physical reality the mind has to record the information about the supposed damage, reflect that damage in the virtual physical reality, and accordingly the mind must behave as if it has a reduced capability to interact with the physical world as a result of that virtual damage.  The rules-based nature of our present physical reality is essential for the development and progressive evolution of our intellects.  So, our minds have to play by the rules, …well, at least for the time being — until the time comes when we no longer need to do it.

The physical workings of the brain, including its electrochemical processes that seem to result in thoughts, emotions, and voluntary/autonomic bodily functions, are mere shadows of the inner workings of the non-virtual mind, the true source and driving force behind such thoughts, emotions, and voluntary/autonomic bodily functions.  In short, the brain is just a crude virtual fractal of a person’s much more sophisticated mind.  As such, our inner thoughts, emotions, love, and hopes are not virtual in nature.  Those concepts have an existence beyond this virtual physical space and time.

Virtual Physical Space 

The virtual physical space that we experience in this world comes into being from information.  Every moment of our waking hours, the builder aspect of our lower mind receives a constant stream of information which contain a great deal about how to form virtual physical space.  The situation is similar to a laptop computer receiving information from an internet Wi-Fi regarding how to build a city space for the video game Grand Theft Auto.  Physical space is virtual, not real.  There is no out there beyond the confines of our mind.

The results of quantum entanglement experiments in quantum mechanics using discrete particles in the atomic level do imply that physical distance is an illusion. Many scientists specialized in quantum mechanics also endorse the theory that physical space is quantized – meaning that it is not continuous.  This quantization of physical concepts, including space and time, is in line with the increasingly becoming accepted idea that space and time are essentially pixelated, and therefore information-derived.

Virtual Physical Time and the Fundamental Concept of Time

Increasing numbers of physicists are convinced that physical time is merely an illusion produced by our minds.  Ordinary people liken physical time to a continuously flowing river.  However, many modern physicists have realized that this “river” does not really flow.  It is actually a frozen river.  It is our mind that creates the illusion of flow.  Our minds are simply being fed with series of discrete packets of information that contain small changes in a configuration that our minds falsely interpret as continuous motion.  Well, it is not continuous motion.  Rather, it is more like a movie film reel where each picture frame is projected one at a time in rapid succession so that we do not see the many interruptions between the frames, and our minds are the ones that create the illusion of continuity.

Actually, Albert Einstein was the first person to destroy the notion that physical time is absolutely real and exists out there independent of our perception.  Through his Theory of Relativity, he had proven that physical time is relative, meaning it is not absolute.  Your time at the office is different from the time of a person riding a flying airplane.  This disintegration of the realness of physical time occurs at one of the extreme edges of our everyday physical reality which is in the world of the very big and the very fast. 

Quantum Mechanics, which govern the world of the very small at the other extreme edge of our physical reality, has largely indicated that all physical things are made up of minute discrete packets or units.  And that likely includes physical time.  This separation or discontinuity in the make-up of everything has its source from the fact that everything in this virtual physical world arises from information processing, partly by our minds.  Fundamentally, information arises from separation or differences between things, especially in the smallest discrete units in the various realms of existence.  

Fundamentally, change is a necessary consequence of existence. Some people may believe that a diamond kept in a metallic safety deposit box for years does not change.  They are wrong.  The carbon atoms in the diamond are in constant motion and, therefore, changes internally in micro scale.  If something does not change, it essentially does not exist.

Generic motion is ordered change.  An example of change that has very low order, and therefore, does not give the impression of motion is a black and white CRT television screen that is turned on but is not receiving any broadcast signal.  Because the small black and white areas in the screen still indicate separation and differentiation, there is some degree of order there.  But they flicker without following any rule or pattern, indicating low level of order in the way they change. When this television starts receiving broadcast signal, the very small black and white areas begin to follow an ordered pattern or rule in the way they change, allowing our minds to perceive motion in the screen. 

Time, on the other hand, is fundamentally characterized by ordered motion.  An apple falling downward along a straight line from high up a tree follows Newton’s rule governing gravity.  Therefore, its motion is ordered and we can apply the concept of physical time to the change that the fruit has undergone from up the tree to the ground.  An example of low-order change where it is difficult to apply the concept of physical time is the quantum leap of an electron from an atomic energy level to the next energy level. 

Physical time is our minds’ measure of the changes and motions that happen in this world.  While physical time has its own characteristics and follows rules that are unique to this virtual physical reality, it is rooted on a more fundamental concept of time that applies even beyond the physical world.  In the various realities high up the mind column, and even in the spirit world itself, it is indicated that different types of time exists — and they have different characteristics or behavior, and follow rules that are different from the rules of our virtual physical reality.  

Ordered motion is an attribute of fairly ordered existence.  Knowing that the realms beyond the physical are, at the minimum, generally fairly ordered in terms of existence gives us the hint that there is heavenly time, there is spirit time, and there is netherworld time — each behaving differently from the others. Some ancient writings even indicate that heavenly time and spirit time have high to very high degree of order.

Representation of the Seat of Consciousness as a Spiral

I have graphically depicted the separate seats of consciousness in the schematic diagram of the real universe as spirals because the intellectually advanced ancients often drew the spiral as the symbol of their spirits all over the world  — as petroglyphs in the deserts of North America to engravings on the megalithic monuments of western Europe.  In fact, the ancient swastika symbol that is common in the Indian subcontinent and southeast Asia is a graphic variant of the spiral symbol, and therefore has the same meaning.  

Why the wise ancients chose the spiral symbol is not hard to imagine.  In their writings, several passages indicate that the common vortex (e.g., whirlpool, tornado, and Great Red Spot on Jupiter) has similarity in character to the perpetual internal motion of the spirit that generates their consciousness.  In the bible’s Ezekiel 1:

15-21.  As I watched the four creatures, I saw something that looked like a wheel on the ground beside each of the four-faced creatures. This is what the wheels looked like: They were identical wheels, sparkling like diamonds in the sun. It looked like they were wheels within wheels, like a gyroscope. 

… when the creatures went, the wheels went; when the creatures stopped, the wheels stopped; when the creatures lifted off, the wheels lifted off, because the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels

The Creation Story in the very ancient Rig Veda mentioned the state of existence after the dissolution of the virtual physical universe (Night of Brahma):                                              

Then there was neither death nor immortality,

nor was there sign of day’s and night’s divider.

That One Thing breathed windlessly and


Apart from it, there was nothing else whatsoever.”

“Breathing windlessly and self-sustaining” is the metaphorical way of saying that the One Thing (interpreted here as the spirit during this period of rest) is characterized by perpetual periodic internal motion that is self-propelled.  The spirit is the only thing that survives during the “Night of Brahma”, as the mind and all virtual life forms that shelter inside it were dissolved.

In the enigmatic ancient Book of Dzyan, the same periodic motion is described during the Night of Brahma:

“Where was silence?  Where the ears to sense it?  No, there was neither silence nor sound;  naught save ceaseless eternal breath, which knows itself not.”

The same “ceaseless eternal breath” is a metaphor for perpetual periodic internal motion of the spirit.  The phrase “...which knows itself not” connotes the absence of a thinking mind which is the one that enables a person to think and know.  During this period of rest, the spirit is simply in a peaceful state of conscious existence.

The Parent’s Cosmic Dream

Carl Sagan, a famous cosmologist, once commented on the Vedic creation hymn:

The Hindu religion is the only one of the world’s great faiths dedicated to the idea that the cosmos itself undergoes an immense, indeed an infinite, number of deaths and rebirths.  There is the deep and appealing notion that the universe is but the dream of the God who, after a hundred Brahma years, dissolves himself into a dreamless sleep and the universe dissolves with him until after another Brahma century he stirs, recomposes himself and begins again to dream the great cosmic lotus dream.  Meanwhile, elsewhere there are an infinite number of other universes each with its own God dreaming the cosmic dream.”

In one of the story of the Upanishads, referred to by Joseph Campbell in his series of interviews with Bill Moyers, Brahma is mentioned as behind a series of universes:

“A lotus grows from the navel of Vishnu, who is the sleeping god, whose dream is the universe. . . . Brahma opens his eyes and a world come into being . . . Brahma closes his eyes, and a world goes out of being.”

In the above citation, Vishnu metaphorically represents the extremely-evolved and very very old seat of consciousness whose extremely-developed and very powerful dreamweaver mind is the central source of the pre-designed or pre-processed information that our individual human lower minds receive and use to build this virtual physical world.  Like a human mother who lets her baby child suck milk from her breast, the Parent let us suck information from him — information that make our spirits literally grow through acquisition of experiences, processed knowledge and consequent production of new high-grade information. 

Why do I call the Parent mind as a dreamweaver mind? Because the Parent has already completed all cycles of spirit-mind evolution.  A thinking mind is only needed for the progressive evolution of the seats of consciousness of lowly-evolved humans and the relatively more advanced celestial residents.  When you have already completed your spirit-mind evolution, you attain the ideal state of peaceful and blissful conscious existence where you do not have to struggle nor learn anything more and therefore thinking is no longer necessary.  The thinking mind of a human being or an intellectually highly-evolved celestial resident works turbulently. The powerful dreamweaver mind of the Parent works fast, efficiently, and autonomically and does not disturb the peace and quiet of the seat of consciousness that produced it.

The Parent mind though does not have unlimited information processing power.  That is why it practices efficiency in the use of its computing power.  It processes only what our individual minds demand.  It does not compute the whole physical universe because it is not necessary to do so.  For example, the Parent mind does not compute the whole Andromeda Galaxy and put it out there with all the minute details, as there is no human mind there anyway to experience it.  The Parent mind only needs to compute a small white dot of light in the sky that we can view during the night.  If you are using the Hubble Telescope to view Andromeda, then it will use additional computing power to put additional details in the galaxy which nonetheless requires minimal computing power. 

If an astronaut goes to the moon, then no problem.  It will only require more or less the same computing power as a man who goes to a spot in the Mojave Desert of the United States.  So much for romanticizing the vast expanse of the cosmos!  No wonder, the distances in outer space were designed as virtually astronomical and any potential space travel was given a speed limit.  Nobody would want millions of people to go to outer space, settle in multiple planets and overburden the information processing power of our central server, potentially slowing it down to the point of crashing.  It is enough to give astrophysicists unlimited cosmic mysteries in order to preoccupy their curiosity and give them opportunities here on Earth to practice their thinking capabilities in order to help quicken their individual intellectual evolution.

The Parent mind does not reinvent the wheel.  That is why there was an information explosion concerning the body designs of life forms on Earth during the Cambrian Period of Earth’s history.  It only needed to download proven designs evolved from past mega-cycles of evolution (preceding the one we are in now).  The design for angiosperm plants (flowering plants) appeared on Earth in a relatively sudden way because the Parent mind already had the recyclable old designs in storage for those complex plants.  That mind also uses fractals in various levels of manifestation because it does not have to redesign something that works in various levels, and is beautiful as well.

Brahma metaphorically represents the manifested virtual universe, including our virtual physical world, during the mega-cycle of activity called the Day of Brahma.  Brahma emerging from a lotus flower that grew from the navel of Vishnu is a beautiful metaphor that refers to the emergence of virtual worlds in the mind column that grew outwards from the center of the main seat of consciousness of each and everyone of us.  Brahma closing his eyes metaphorically refers to the end of a particular mega-cycle of manifestation of virtual worlds coinciding with the dissolution of all mind columns that build those worlds. 


The proposed model of the real universe above is preliminary.  Later it can be corrected, modified or improved in terms of detail. My aim is to present something that interested people can start working with.  The road ahead will be long and challenging, yet very interesting and rewarding for those who genuinely seek the deep hidden truths of our existence.

It is my wish that this unconventional approach to extract knowledge from alternative sources like ancient writings, oral traditions, artworks, and monuments will supplement existing knowledge from leading-edge scientific discoveries in order to provide the fundamental answers to the big questions that many human deep thinkers are looking for.  This alternative approach does not strictly follow the scientific method, as the use of strict scientific method in the search for truths beyond this virtual physical space and time may actually be a handicap instead of being a useful tool.  I myself am a scientist (a geologist) by training, so I understand that a radically new way of thinking is needed if we want to break through the barrier that prevents the human mind from understanding the Beyond. 

I understand that the concepts presented in my articles are initially somewhat difficult to understand because they require a lot of mental abstracting and cross-referencing. But in my experience, the initial set of knowledge that I have laid out in my articles in this website works very well in explaining the leading-edge discoveries in science, as well as the actual human experience. It is internally consistent and externally coherent. It is simple, yet elegant.

I leave it to the readers to judge for themselves the truthfulness or non-truthfulness of this exposition of the hidden knowledge.  I cannot present to the interested readers all the ancient writings, oral traditions, artworks, and modern articles that I have abstracted and cross-referenced over decades.  Therefore, they may have to seek for themselves any additional supporting truths that they need in order to have a complete understanding of these truths.  I can only show them the door.  They need to enter the door by themselves and explore with love, dedication, and sense of responsibility the unlimited frontiers of their own minds.

(Thanks to for the photos above, except the diagram of the real universe)

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