The Message Behind the World’s Greatest Ancient Mysteries

By: Ranilo Abando (Manila, November 6, 2020) ****

One would not be able to solve the world’s greatest ancient mysteries by treating them as separate cases.  We would have to interconnect them — find their relation to each other and abstract the purpose behind those mysterious ancient works if we want to derive the complete picture of a hidden global plan.  Many decades have been spent by various researchers, including eminent scientists, in studying the following mysterious features, among many others found all over the world:

1. Nazca Lines.   The lines are found in a region of Peru near the town of Nazca.  The lines are subject of mystery for over 80 years.  They are known as geoglyphs – drawings on the ground made by removing rocks and earth to create a “negative” image. The rocks which cover the desert have oxidized and weathered to a deep rust color, and when the top 12-15 inches of rock is removed, a light-colored, high contrasting sand is exposed.  Some of the straight lines run up to 30 miles, while the biomorphs range from 50 to 1200 feet in length (as large as the Empire State Building).  

Because there’s so little rain, wind and erosion, the exposed designs have stayed largely intact for 500 to 2000 years.  Some of the swirls and zigzags start to form more distinct shapes: a hummingbird, a spider, a monkey.  The lines are virtually impossible to identify from ground level, they were only first brought to public awareness with the advent of flight — by pilots flying commercial planes over Peru in the 1930s.  The lines drawn in geometric patterns and distinct animal shapes across the Peruvian desert have inspired many theories over the years. How were they formed? What purpose could they have served?  Were aliens involved?  (The foregoing is an extract from a National Geographic article by Jason Golomb)

2.  Easter Island Statues.  The mysterious Easter Island in the South Pacific Ocean hosts enormous statues of people — the moai. The statues are from four feet tall to 33 feet tall. Some of them weigh more than 80 tons. They are hundreds of years old.  People made the statues in a different place and then they moved them 11 miles to the beach.  How did they do it?  The first Polynesians arrived at Rapa Nui (Easter Island) by canoe hundreds of years ago. This small island is 2,150 miles west of South America.  Easter Island is 1,300 miles from any other land. How did the first people travel there? They probably went by canoe. But what did they eat and drink for 1,300 miles at sea in a canoe?  I can’t imagine!  (The foregoing is an extract from a National Geographic Life article)

3.  Plain of Jars in Laos.  Throughout central Laos, a South East Asian country, there are 85 sites each containing between one and 400 huge, stone jars, estimated to date back to between 600 B.C. and 500 A.D., but their purpose has largely remained unknown.  The jars – which ranged from about 1m to 3m tall and 70cm to 2m in diameter – appeared to be made from the type of stone found at the nearest quarry, some adorned with carvings of human and animal figures.  “They would carve them in situ at the quarry, then bring them to the selected location where they wanted to set them up – whatever reason that was we can’t really determine at this point,” Dr. Dougald O’Reilly said.  “But certainly in the order of eight or ten kilometres in some cases they were dragging these monstrous, multi-tonne stones to place them in the landscape,” he added.  (The foregoing is an extract from an Australian Geographic article by Shannon Verhagen)

4.  Stonehenge in England.  The ancient megaliths of Stonehenge and Avebury complexes in England were skillfully arranged based on celestial schedules for reasons still unknown to us.  The construction of Stonehenge began about 3000 B.C. as a circular earthen bank and adjacent ditch, and was fortified over thousands of years with timber and later with stone. The circle is composed of blocks that weigh more than 45 tons and tower up to 24 feet high. Some were moved 150 miles from the Preseli Hills in Wales—a feat that could have only been accomplished by an advanced society.  The first 1,600 feet of the avenue from Stonehenge is built on the axis of the summer solstice sunrise and winter solstice sunset — a phenomenon that has captivated travelers throughout the ages. Whether this alignment was constructed for sun worship, calendar keeping, or other purposes remains a mystery.  (The foregoing is an extract from an article by National Geographic)

5.  Stone Spheres of Costa Rica.   The stone spheres refer to a collection of over 300 petrospheres in Costa Rica.  The smallest sphere stone is about 6.6 feet while the largest stone weighs about 16 tons. The stones appear to be extremely smooth and almost perfectly round and are likely to have been hand-made by the ancient people of the Diquis Valley.  Most of the stone spheres are sculptured from gabbro which is a very hard igneous rock similar to basalt.  Many wonder about the purpose of the stone spheres’ existence. Although nobody is certain, a few myths have been put forward as to how the stones came to be. Some people believe that the stones were used as compasses or are associated with the astronomical occurrences. Some legends state that the stones came from the lost continent of Atlantis while others state that the local inhabitants had a potion that was able to soften the rocks.   (The foregoing is an extract from a WorldAtlas article by John Misachi)

6.  Olmec Heads of Mexico.  Both the skill level required to craft the colossal Olmec heads and their sheer size – conflicting reports place the heads at anywhere between 4 and 60 tonnes each, and between 5 to 12 feet tall – have been baffling researchers for years.  The question of transportation has also been raised, as the colossal heads were made from volcanic basalt sourced in the Tuxtla Sierra mountains, located some 70km from where the heads were discovered.  Historians have proposed the so-called ‘wooden roller theory’, suggesting that they were hoisted atop wooden rollers and slowly inched towards their destination, a theory that neither accounts for the manpower required to move a 40-ton head in the first place nor the fact that much of Olmec territory was marshland.   Another key bone of contention surrounding the colossal Olmec heads comes from their distinctive facial features.  Some theories suggest that the Olmecs were heavily influenced by early black civilisations, as a result of the supposedly African features the basalt heads possess. (The foregoing is an extract from a Culture Trip article by Lauren Cocking)

7.  Sirius Oral Tradition of the Dogons.   In 1976, Robert Temple in his book, The Sirius Mystery, speculated that Earth had been visited a few thousand years ago by amphibious beings from a planet around the star Sirius based on a report by French anthropologists Marcel Griaule and Germain Dieterlen.  The two anthropologists studied in the 1930s and 1940s the traditions and mythology of the Dogon, a remote West African tribe.  Some elements of the Dogon mythology are reminiscent of ancient Egypt, including the prominence of Sirius in their traditions.  Other aspects reveal an impressive knowledge of bits and pieces of modern astronomy.  For example, according to Griaule and Dieterlen, the Dogon believed that the Earth and other planets rotate on their axes and orbit the Sun, that Jupiter has four moons, and that Saturn has a ring around it.  But the cause of all the commotion was the claim that the Dogon believed that Sirius has a dark, invisible companion with a 50-year orbit.  The companion is very heavy and made of a special metal which is not found on Earth!  This is an accurate description of our knowledge of Sirius B, after it was observed with powerful telescopes, and described by scientists using the theories of quantum mechanics and relativity.  How did the Dogon come by this knowledge?   (The foregoing is an extract from a Chandra Chronicles article)


Thousands of years ago, I think the intellectually highly-evolved ancients, who came from high up the mind column, laid out a grand jigsaw puzzle with pieces scattered in many corners of our world in order for any ready and capable humans down the generations in thousands of years to piece together a hidden message:  They were here.

The mysterious works I enumerated above, among many others, are like business cards that those “gods”, as ordinary ancient people liked to call them, left behind intentionally.  I theorize that something like the following meeting happened thousands of years ago.  I could imagine that it went, sort of, like this:

Chairperson:  Guys, it has been several thousands of earth years already since many of us first went down to the physical world in missions to help quicken the intellectual evolution of these savage humans.   In the distant future, humans will inevitably reach a certain level of mental capability when they will want to find out what happened during the forgotten chapters of their history – the ones when we were here with them.  So we have to leave signs that they would have to figure out for themselves in the future.  They will be able to successfully do so once they are ready.  We have to do some grand construction projects that some of them in the future would understand as works that would have required tremendous will and high mental capacity that only our kind would have been able to accomplish.  Each project would have to be unique and apparently would not have any practical purpose so that the real purpose would not be missed.  The projects would have to be distributed all over the world — better if  they are separated by oceans or great distances.

Project Leader 1:  Sir, I have seen the plan and I understand that our group will draw enormous pictures and lines on the ground, so huge that they could not be appreciated from the ground but only from above.  And because humans cannot take off the ground during the time of construction of the drawings, future humans who will be capable of seeing them from above will be mystified about the purpose of the drawings.  The drawings would be created very precisely through our geodetic techniques that are not available to humans at the time of drawing.  (Result:  Nazca Lines in Peru)

Project Leader 2:  Sir, I understand that we will construct many huge monolithic statues in a small island in the middle of the biggest ocean on earth, to show them that no place on earth is beyond our physical influence.  The racial features of the statues should be different from those of the inhabitants of the island, further mystifying future human minds regarding the origin of these statues.   (Result:  Easter Island megalithic statues)

Project Leader 3:   Sir, I understand that we will construct huge monolithic jars that are so numerous that they will be scattered all over an entire plain.  Such superhuman effort with apparently no practical purpose will mystify future humans as to how and why the jars were made.  Through this, some future humans will be swayed into thinking beyond the usual.   (Result:  Plain of Jars in Laos)

Project Leader 4:   Sir, I understand that we will build an enormous circular structure of huge standing stones.  We will build it in accordance with precise astronomical alignments, with geometric precision of the lay out and with no clear purpose.  Due to the huge construction efforts involved, precision of measurements, and very distant sourcing of materials used, humans will be mystified about its origin, how it was built and why, but I am sure that some humans in the future will be able to figure it out.  (Result:  Stonehenge in England)

Project Leader 5:   Sir, I understand that we will construct huge almost perfectly round balls of stone.  No human technology exists at the time of construction that can precisely build and transport that kind of spheres, except our knowhow that we have brought down to earth.   (Result:  Spheres of Stone in Costa Rica)

Project Leader 6:   Sir, I understand that in an isolated continent, we will construct huge monolithic head sculptures of a recognizable human race that live in another continent, oceans away, so that those people could not have travelled to this area.  It would mystify ordinary humans as to how the builders were able to get the information about the existence of such race.  No human technology exists in the area at the time of construction that can build those head sculptures due to the difficulty, magnitude and precision requirements.    (Result:   Olmec heads of Mexico)

Project Leader 7:   Sir, I understand that we will set off an unbroken oral tradition within an isolated human tribe in a remote continent about the existence of astronomical bodies that cannot be seen on earth with the naked eyes during this stage of human development.  Only future humans who will be able to think beyond the usual will be able to derive the origin of this ancient knowledge that only our kind could have possessed. (Result:  Sirius Oral Tradition of the Dogons)


Folks, the discussion above is something for you to think about.  Thank you.

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