Previously Undeciphered Knowledge of the Ancient Intellectual Class Can Augment Science to Derive the Human Purpose

By: Ranilo Abando (Manila, September 28, 2020) ***

There is a need to use alternative sources of knowledge to derive the clear and consistent set of answers to big fundamental questions of human existence by augmenting the important findings of leading-edge science, which unfortunately has fallen short in terms of providing clear meaning and purpose. 

The landscape of science has become like the place called Flatland, a fictional and satirical two-dimensional world conceptualized by Edwin Abbott, where further explorations of its frontiers have become increasingly unproductive and futile because the really more fundamental explanations to the phenomena happening within that world lie not in its horizontal frontiers, but rather in the vertical dimension, which is unfortunately beyond the reach of the intellectual viewpoint of the Flatlanders.

While the scientific method has led humanity to exciting discoveries and knowledge that made important contributions to the intellectual advancement of humanity, the scientific method has now become its own handicap when it comes to fundamental questions that goes beyond the material world. How can you experiment on something abstract when the equipment you use in the laboratory is material in nature? There is obviously a basic incompatibility.

I was fortunate to be able to abstract and interconnect detailed information or knowledge from ancient sources that are commonly dismissed by mainstream scientists as myths, religious beliefs or superstitions.  If people are really serious about finding the fundamental answers they seek, they should look again very closely and make some adjustments in the way they think.  One should not think like a Flatlander if he hopes to answer any of the really big questions, such as:  What is the nature of reality?  Is this physical world real or merely a high-quality virtual reality?  Why are we here?

We have now an opportunity to combine leading-edge science with those alternative ancient sources so that they dovetail and compose one consistent and elaborate set of fundamental knowledge.  Quantum mechanics already points the way for scientists.  One clue is the fact that our layer of physical reality for everyday life begins to break down at its edges:  in the scale of the very small (Quantum Mechanics) and in the scale of the very large (Einsteinian physics).  Thus, I suggest that we begin with the ramifications of Quantum Mechanics to create a structural model of the mind (not the brain) with the aid of relevant ancient sources.  If you presume, as many scientists entertain in their minds as a probability – with good basis, that this physical universe is virtual and fractal in nature, then the brain is merely a rough shadow of the real mind. I will discuss that in detail later.

A clear understanding of the true nature of the mind will enlighten our way to more true knowledge, especially with regards to the nature of our present physical reality which even some scientists already suspect is probably virtual in nature.  Aside from the mind, the other fundamental concepts that I can help people define and resolve are the following:  consciousness, information, reality, time, chaos-order, and human.  The present fuzziness of these concepts in the minds of most people contribute to their failure to clearly understand the complex nature of existence. 

I have found out that the ancients, particularly their intellectual class, such as the temple priests, scribes, teachers, ruling elite, and their civilizers possessed deep fundamental knowledge that were not passed on to ordinary people during ancient times and even up to the present.  Apparently, those long gone ancient elites were able to utilize the commonly untapped higher potential of the human mind.  Some scribes even described their time thousands of years ago as the golden age of knowledge. 

Fortunately, their literary works, symbolisms, oral traditions and monuments are available to everybody now in this age of the internet, and yet still almost nobody is able to extract the valuable information contained in them.  The likely reason why those works are misinterpreted and dismissed is because the ancient elites used hard-to-understand metaphorical, allegorical, deification, personification, and symbolism techniques to relay information and concepts, which make higher knowledge available only to the intellectually ready and deserving, and unavailable to the ordinary people during ancient times. 

In order to extract those valuable information, one needs to think like those ancients, which means a lot of abstract thinking using the higher aspect of the mind which is, unfortunately, often inactive or limited in present-day ordinary human beings.  There is a need to awaken this largely untapped potential. Do not worry, I am not dealing here with what many scientist may begin to think as venturing into the supernatural.

Unbelievably, many members of the intellectual class of the ancients understood that the fundamental reality is based on the concept of information, which is based on distinctions or differences.  In their perspective, information is not necessarily based on physical differences if you presume that this physical reality is virtual in nature and information processing to produce this physical reality occurs outside this physical universe.  Some ancient sources surprisingly describe the nature of such more fundamental information-based reality which our human minds have the potential capability to understand due to the generally fractal nature of existence.  

We could utilize carefully selected ancient writings, oral traditions, monuments, and artworks as alternative sources of information, not to replace scientific knowledge, but rather to augment it and fill its wide gaps in the understanding of the human purpose.  I am confident that ancient sources provide the missing link that will lead us to a much better understanding of human origin, nature, and destiny, as well as the generally misunderstood nature of the human mind.  This endeavor will potentially create a bridge with science over the gorges in our understanding of the fundamental reality which the scientific method is presently struggling to fill.  For example, believe it or not, the ancient elites understood very well the Second Law of Thermodynamics, but they used a different way in expressing it, such as using the world serpent to symbolize the natural tendency towards disorder. We have a lot to discuss down the road from here.

(Thanks to – Alex Azabache for the photo above of an ancient Egyptian site)

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I am a Filipino and a geologist by profession but I have also been an ardent searcher for answers to the fundamental questions of human existence ever since 42 years ago. It has been a long, lonely and difficult journey. Why are we here? Where did we come from? What on earth is this world where I found my self in? Surprisingly, I found out that the answers are right there under our noses. There just need to be some adjustments in the way people think.

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