Oldest Puzzle in the World

By: Ranilo Abando (Manila, September 28, 2020) ***

The enigmatic Sumerian King List is a preserved ancient record in the Sumerian language, listing kings of Sumer in southern Mesopotania (in present-day Iraq), how long they reigned, and the locations of their kingdoms.  Kingship in ancient Mesopotamia was considered as handed down by the the gods and could be carried from one city to another.  Before the world-wide Great Flood, which is also mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible, the kings in the List lived for unbelievably long periods of time – a total of more than 18,000 years. 

The very old ages are also mentioned in Genesis of the Old Testament where people before the Great Flood, like Methuselah, lived for unbelievably long periods of time.  Immediately after the Great Flood, the lifetimes of people suddenly become much nearer to normal (although still very long), and it is similar in the biblical account.  Eventually, later generations of people became perfectly normal in terms of lifetime, counted only in decades. 

What is the explanation for this puzzling record?  Was the age of Methuselah (Age: 969 years old) true?  What was so significant about the Flood that was experienced by Noah? 

I will give you the following six choices on the possible solution to the enigma: 

1.  The people before the Flood had different biological clocks in their DNA, and therefore their bodies were programmed by nature to live much much longer. 

2.   The ages of the people indicated in the king list and the bible were intentionally faked by those who wrote the manuscript in order to immortalize their kings. 

3.  The kings and their respective kingdoms before the Flood were actually located in a different solar system where the length of the year is very different from ours.

4.   The Flood is just a metaphorical event and should not be confused with ordinary water.  Rather, it was an event that ended a great evolutionary cycle before our present physical cycle, resulting in carryover intellectually evolved beings from the previous cycle – very old sentient beings with respect to their minds, being born on earth just like ordinary men, but ruling over those ordinary men and teaching them the crafts of civilization.  Then those evolved beings gradually departed (died out) after civilization started to flourish on earth and henceforth ordinary men ruled the kingdoms. 

5.  There are no hidden meanings in those very ancient accounts.  The document was just written by ancient people who did not know how to count. 

6. People before the Flood had healthy lifestyles, eating organic foods without preservatives and pesticides, had active lives outside their homes and offices, and ate more fruits and vegetables.

Something for you people to ponder about and decide for yourselves.

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