Ancient Symbols with Deep Meanings

By: Ranilo Abando (Manila, October 23, 2020) ***

We often see the above symbol because it is being used to represent the medical profession.  The caduceus is an ancient symbol composed of two snakes intertwined around a rod, two wings in the upper portion of the rod, and a small disk at the top end of the rod.

Originally from ancient Mesopotamia, the symbol was somehow passed on to the ancient Greeks.  It became a symbol carried by Hermes (Mercury) as messenger of the gods to earth.  Hermes, personifying the bearers of the secret wisdom, carries in his right hand this powerful symbol.

Folks, by now, after similar discussions in my previous posts, I think it would be easier for you to interpret the symbol.  Yes, the rod of the caduceus represents the Tree of Life, which in turn represents the human mind column.  The two intertwined snakes around the lower portion of the rod represent the chaos matter that makes up a significant composition of the lower mind.  The snakes are intertwined and interlocked around the lower portion of the rod because chaos matter is an inseparable component of the lower mind.  It is locked in there and you can never get it out of there.

Guess what is being represented by the upper portion of the rod where the two wings are located… Yes, it is the higher mind.  It has symbolic wings because it has more significant spirit matter content, and less chaos matter content. 

Now, guess what is being represented by the small disk at the top end of the rod… That should already be an easy one by now.  Yes, it is the sun disk, representing a person’s main spirit that permanently dwells in the spiritual world above his mind column.  The caduceus symbolism is very common in our everyday lives, yet it’s quite amazing that almost nobody in our modern society understood what it really means before.

Many people call the above symbol as the Star of David.  You can find it in the flag of Israel, but like the swastika, it is a more ancient symbol than that.  The interlocked triangles represent the mind of a person.  The triangle that points upward represents spirit matter, while the triangle that points downward represents chaos matter.  These two components of the mind are inseparable – that is why they are depicted as interlocked.  Very simple symbolism, yet difficult to figure out.

You can find the above symbol in the Coat of Arms of the Russian Federation.  It is also in the flag of Albania and several other European flags or coat of arms.  The double-headed bird symbol first appeared in Lagash, an ancient Sumerian city and was the symbol for Ninurta, son of Enlil and god of the city.  The prominent Assyriologist, M. Thureau Dangin writes that a French archaeologist, M. de Sarzec found in the unearthed ruins of a temple, two cylindrical seals.  One of these has upon it the recitation of a King, who says:

“The waters of the Tigris fell low and the store of provender ran short in this my city.” He goes on to tell that this was a visitation of the gods. He, therefore, submitted his case to the divinities of the land. He dreamed, as a result, a holy dream in which there came to him a divine man whose stature towered, (as that of a mighty god in Babylonia should) from earth to heaven and whose head was crowned with the coronet of a god surmounted by the Storm Bird, “that extended its wings over Lagash and the land thereof.”

The double-headed eagle can also be found on ancient monuments in central Anatolia in the ancient Kingdom of the Hittites.  The symbol then found its way into medieval Europe and is being used in modern times.  

As I have mentioned previously, the eagle was commonly used by the ancients as the symbol of the spirit.  What then symbolizes the double heads of just one bird?  They are the two spirits that had split from one original spirit.  One of them is in the spiritual world now, above the mind column of each person, and the other one is on earth — the human spirit.  The two are destined to reunite at the end of days, after the human spirit has finished its pilgrimage into these lower worlds being built by his own mind column.

The above symbol is the Eye of Ra.  The sun god Ra represents the human seat of consciousness or spirit.  The eye symbol represents his consciousness.  A spirit is some sort of a perpetual and independent high-grade information center that automatically generates consciousness.

The Yin and Yang symbol above is a very ancient one.  It represents the Law of Balance, which is older than time itself.  In fact, this law is likely the cause why existence arose.  Originally there was only non-existence — an ocean of primordial singularity or total chaos.  But because non-existence had to be balanced, existence was born.  Likewise, because total disorder had to be balanced, order was born.

The winged scarab symbol holding a small sun disk above is from ancient Egypt.  It represents the human spirit that rises from the ashes like a phoenix.  The adult scarab beetle usually emerges from the rotten manure where it was born, as if new life was produced from waste.  Like the metaphorical sun god Shamash that rises from the east after journeying from the underworld, the human spirit rises into a pleasant dreamworld reality of his own making in his upper mind, and then renews his cycle of life in the virtual physical reality built by his lower mind.

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